The European Scientific Institute (ESI) organizes three schools at the University Centre in partnership with the CERN and an important network of universities and European research centres. Students come from all around Europe and beyond to participate in training programmes given by experts from throughout the world.

Each year from January to March, the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) welcomes approximately 40 masters and Ph.D. students hoping to specialize in physics and particle accelerator technologies.  Fourteen universities have integrated this curriculum into their masters’ programmes.

The European School of Instrumentation for Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) will organise its first session in January 2014 on particle detectors. This new school will operate using the same principles as the JUAS, with the courses earning ECTS credits in partnered universities.

Each year, the European School of Medical Physics (ESMP), in partnership with the European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP), brings together approximately 40 practicing or final-year student doctors for six weeks of modular training on the advances in the medical physics sector.

écoles avec le CERN